I’ve been away

Not really away, but doing a graduate degree. Hey, didja know? That’s really hard!
So I’ve been doing just and only that.

I wrote a Facebook post this morning that could be a blog post. Good thing Google remembers my sign in credentials for this blog!


I woke up (kind of late and on the couch) this morning with the weirdest thought. “Maybe I no longer am a person who stays to the end of the party and then brings the party home.” I mean, I’m moving through the behaviours but it no longer rings true. Maybe I’m (and this is weird, bizarre) someone who’s actually ok with the party ending now. Or even (what even is this) ok with the party going on without me. Like, what is that? I still love to dance, I so love to dance. But I also really like waking up early all well rested and getting shit done. Is this because I’m 50 now? Is it because I’m studying psychotherapy and I overthink every behaviour of every being, myself most of all?
This is basically a blog post I’m not blogging. Maybe I’ll cut and paste to my blog. I should stop paying for that blog because I’m starting a new one soon.
Everything I write or say, I feel like adding the addendum ‘and I want a dog’. You know how some women (not all women) get baby hunger? I’ve got massive puppy hunger. Is puppy hunger what happens when baby hunger is no longer feasible?
Friends, this is what my head sounds like all the time. If you ask me “what are you thinking” the answer is, “so much”. So goddamned much.

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